What is your opening plan?
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Based on the Governor's latest announcements and Executive Orders, we want to know what our members' opening plans look like in the coming weeks. Are you opening fully, or staying the course for the time being? The Douglas County Chamber wants to know how we can help you through this next phase of your business. Please complete the following survey regarding your future plans for your business. 
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What is your business industry category? 


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Were you open in the weeks prior to April 27? If not, please explain in the box below.

Yes - fully operational with required changes in previous Executive Order
Yes - but in a limited capacity (ex. delivery and/or takeout)
Yes - working remotely
No - closed by choice
No - closed by Executive Order
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In light of the Governor's announcement and subsequent Executive Orders, do you plan to reopen when the approved date for your business occurs? If needed, please explain in the box below.

We plan to immediately open to our fullest extent
We plan to remain delivery/to-go based and continue to follow the situation
We plan to delay opening
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What are your barriers of reopening? Example: access to appropriate PPE, workforce, safety regulations, etc.


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How can the Douglas County Chamber help you towards your next goal?
Having a dedicated person for resource referrals/continuity plan support
Helping mitigate workforce challenges (furloughs, limited workforce)
Assistance in hiring more workers during disruptions
Provide information on financial assistance for my business/organization
Help me find more ways to sell my product/service online
Nothing, you're already providing the resources I need