Love-Light Super Hero Submittal
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WE ARE SEEKING "LOVE LIGHT" SUPER HEROES to spread love and shine light across the globe at a time when our planet is heavily weighted by darkness.

We are not blind to the overwhelming pain and suffering that many are feeling at this time. Our intention is to incentivize our brothers and sisters, who feel called, to help SHIFT THE ENERGY of the entire planet from fear and uncertainty to prayerful and loving thoughts. 

Together, we can lead those who are suffering out of the darkness... by purposefully shining our light... in one unified direction... toward Love.  
Guidelines for becoming a "Love Light" Super Hero: 
1. Offer your own, special Super Hero gifts of shedding light and spreading love anywhere you'd like - across the globe, 

2. Have fun taking photos of your offerings and describing the Super Hero gifts that you have offered. Feel free to dress up in your Super Hero capes, just keep photos PG-rated :) 

3. Submit your photos and descriptions for posting to: 
(Please submit recent photos only.) You are encouraged to submit multiple Super Hero acts.
For your Super Hero act to be included, please submit: 
1. 1-3 paragraphs to describe the offerings in your photo. 
2. Your full name and email. (Kept private) 
3. The location and date of your photo. 
4. One promotional sentence. (Optional)
General Guidelines: 
* All ages, races, etc., accepted. 
* All forms of pray for the good accepted. 
* All PG-rated, loving and thoughtful expressions of "Love" and "Light" accepted. 
* Incomplete submittals will not be considered. 
* Submittals that are charging a fee, or focused on selling a product/service will not be considered. 
* Photos that are disrespectful of the COVID-19 CDC guidelines ( not be considered.
Prizes* will be awarded to: 
1) randomly selected submittals, and 
2) submittals that have been voted the most creative at spreading love and shining light while social distancing.  

*(5) $50 Prizes & (2) $100 Prizes will be awarded after 2,500 "Love Light" Super Heros have been submitted. If there are less then 2,500 submissions, then the prizes will be offered based on sponsor contributions. 

NOTE: Please be sure to offer a valid email address, so we can locate you if you are selected to receive a prize. If you do not have a consistent email, please provide a phone number.
Seeking Sponsors
We will be seeking like-minded sponsors throughout this campaign. Share this link with your connections to increase sponsor interest and sponsor contributions.

 *Additional Prizes by inspired viewers are graciously accepted and will be distributed:
1) based on sponsor requests or
2) by random selection.
Sample submittal:
For your Super Hero act to be included, please submit: Your full name and email. (Kept private

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For your Super Hero act to be included, please submit: 1-3 paragraphs to describe the offerings in your photo (below). 


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For your Super Hero act to be included, please submit: The location and date of your photo.

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If you would like to submit: One promotional sentence to be posted with your Super Hero act, please include below. (Optional)

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IMPORTANT: For your Super Hero act to be included, please submit your photo with your full name to: Thank you for assisting our friends in need.