Nominated At Large Delegates for AC 2020 (Vote to affirm)
At-Large Delegates to Annual Conference 2020
Each District gets an additional number of delegates able to serve for a quadrennium (4 years).  The Crossroads District is allotted 21 additional delegates or At Large Delegates. The nominations of these delegates are reviewed by the District Strategy Team and affirmed by the district at District Conference.

The following names are those nominated to represent the Crossroads District for Annual Conference 2020.

  1. Mark Ainsworth, Monthalia UMC
  2. Tom Ayers, La Grange FUMC
  3. Trent Baird, Bastrop FUMC
  4. Becky Brooks, Smithville FUMC
  5. Jeanine Calliham, Cuero FUMC
  6. Kim Cannon, Victoria FUMC
  7. Allison Davis, Gonzales FUMC
  8. Howard Evans, Jr, Columbus St. Paul UMC
  9. Jodi Fischer, Lockhart FUMC
  10. Debbie Fogle Gonzales FUMC
  11. Evelyn Glasco, Smiley UMC
  12. Sue Kratochvil, Cedar Creek UMC
  13. Nancy Littlefield, Shiner FUMC
  14. Susan Mugno, Haynie Chapel
  15. Griselda Ramirez, La Trinidad Seguin
  16. Sara Repka, Hallettsville FUMC
  17. Karen Svoboda, Luling FUMC
  18. Brian Sherman, Gonzales FUMC
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -

By submitting your vote, you affirm these names as delegates to Annual Conference 2020.
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