Destination Discovery Camp: Parent Survey
As you are aware, plans in almost every part of society have changed since the beginning of March and Destination Discovery is no exception. Although we are unsure if we are able to offer camp in the way we had planned this summer, we still want to offer a great camp experience.
We value your input as we decide how to offer the best camp experience this summer. Please know that at Mt. Olive Recreation and Destination Discovery Camp we are committed to following all guidelines (to the best of our ability), from health and government officials. We would not offer an activity this summer that contradicted these important guidelines put in place to keep everyone healthy. We are working on a few plans but we need your input.
Please complete this survey by the evening of Sunday, May 31 as it greatly helps our planning meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Recreation Supervisor, Jill Daggon at

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Please select which of the following applies to your family
My child(ren) attended in 2019 and are registered for 2020
My child(ren) attended in 2019 but are not registered for 2020
My child(ren) did NOT attend in 2019 but are registered for 2020
My child(ren) are not registered for camp in 2019 or 2020
Please select the age groups represented in your family (current grade)?
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-8
Virtual Camp is one of our options to keep children engaged and benefiting from the social interaction, challenges, and activities that camp provides. This is a daily structured sequence of activities campers can choose to engage in, some live, some independent. Counselors and staff will be fully engaged in delivering the same quality standards of Destination Discovery in the virtual setting. Your child(ren) will need access to a device with a camera and the internet for Virtual Camp options.
I am interested in:

(Check all that apply). 

Virtual Camp if school buildings or social distancing requirements prevent us from holding in-person camp
In-Person Outdoor Camp if social distancing and gathering for 50 - 100 people are allowed. Virtual Camp for rain days
In-Person Camp only if there is access to indoor facilities for rain days

Camp registration fees will be adjusted based on the hours for staffing and related costs. Camp hours I prefer:

Half Day 8:30am-11:30am
Half Day 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Full Day 8:30am- 3:30pm
Before Care 7am-8:30am
After Care 3:30pm-6pm
How many weeks of camp would you be interested in sending your child(ren), if camp remains on-line due to COVID19 precautions? (Destination Discovery is available for up to 6 weeks, from June 30 to August 7)
Which best describes your living situation?
House with small yard
House with medium to large yard

What is your biggest concern as a parent right now?


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