Belizean Diaspora One on One
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We understand that you can't travel to Belize to see family and pick up your favorite Belizean treat so until we can go home let us know what it is that you miss the most!

*Choose multiple items if you like.
Wood Dunn Dairy Maid Pure Creamery Butter
Brown Sugar
Cinnamon Sticks
Dried Oregano
Dutch Cheese
Happy Cow Cheese
Red Recado
Black Recado
Sunny and Tan Bun
Powder Bun
Heinz Salad Cream
Meat Pies
Fudge, Tableta, Cotobrute
Belikin Beer
Belizean Rum
Marie Sharp Hot Sauce
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Trade & Investment
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Which one of the following statements best describes you?
I am a Belizean living in the US.
I am a Belizean living outside of the US.
I am a Belizean living in Belize.
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