COVID-19 HKPO Market Assessment
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At HKPO, we take great pride in making Change for the Better. With all the changes in 2020, we're taking time to survey our current clients and prospective partners to uncover their greatest needs in this "New Work World" caused by COVID-19. HKPO has been consulting and helping organizations with Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain and Innovation for the past 15 years. Our experts work to drive efficiencies, find cost savings and foster innovation. Just like you, we've been pivoting to meet the current marketplace.

Please take 5 minutes to help us by responding to the following survey. In return, we will thank you with a free visitor sheet to use in your "New Work World." In addition, we will also send you a 30% off discount code to be used on any one of our upcoming workshops. Thank you for your response and stay healthy.
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What are your greatest staff augmentation or consulting needs for the remainder of 2020?


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What are the greatest learning needs to accelerate your growth and continuous improvement in 2020?


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Have you considered using budgeted conference money for virtual learning events?

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We've created a training calendar with over 60 virtual workshops, facilitated by top experts in their field. Here is a link to our calendar Of the listed topics like Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain, Design Sprint Innovation and Shingo, please mark which are of value to you in today's "New Work World." You can mark more than one.  

Six Sigma
Supply Chain
Design Sprint Innovation
Rapid Decision Making.
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 Are there topics we should add to our virtual learning workshop list? 


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Are you allowed to use training budget funds over the next 90 days?

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What are your greatest organizational concerns over the next 90 days given the COVID-19 environment?


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Given our expertise, where can we bring you the most value in the next 90 days?


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We've recently rolled out a new service offering that allows our Lean Experts to collaborate with your team leaders virtually, using best practice methodology to create a customized Pandemic Playbook. The deliverables after our initial 2-hour collaboration would include Standard Work, checklists, visual management, aides, and virtual training, just to name a few items, designed to get your employees back to work safely. Do you see value in this offering?

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Our Reinvention Bootcamp is facilitated by HKPO Innovation Strategists who will work in collaboration with key stakeholders to identify and reinvent how your organization can quickly pivot to meet the current market needs. Do you see this new service offering having value in your organization?

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Would you be interested in a 30-minute free discovery session to see if we can help your organization with our expertise?

Yes - Please let us know the best way to contact you below.
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