Vino Bistro Reopening Survey

How soon do you plan to dine out at a restaurant after Virginia restaurants are able to reopen?  

As soon as possible
by the end of May
sometime within the month of June
Not until the existence of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or anti-viral
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IN-HOUSE DINING: When dining in at Vino Bistro, what 3 aspects are the most important to you in the future? (Select 3 options) 

Touchless menus
Mobile ordering
Contactless payment options
Reduced server contact
All staff in masks and gloves
Adequately spaced table configurations
Visable sanitization stands/designated areas
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IN HOUSE DINING: When dining in-house, what would you like to see on our new menu going forward?  

Keep it as it was. I loved it!
Reduced menu with more simplifed options.
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IN HOUSE DINING: Please select from our most popular Vino Bistro menu options we have offered in the past that you might like to see continue in the future.
Rate from 1-10, 10 being the BEST.

(1 = Lowest)
New Zealand Rack of Lamb
Blackened Faroe Island Salmon BLT
Lump Crab Cake
Steak Frites
Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp with Cheddar Grits
Braised Boneless Short Ribs
Prince Edward Island Mussels
Chipotle Rubbed Ahi Tuna
Beef Burgundy
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Any additional comments and ideas specifically for our menu and in-house dining:


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FOOD TO GO: Once restaurants are able to reopen, do you plan to continue eating more "to go" meals at home than dining out?  


FOOD TO GO: What type of take out option would do you prefer? 

Fully cooked, hot meals that are ready to be enjoyed immediately (Ex: "To-Go" Faro Island Salmon meal for 1 picked up hot and fully cooked at the restaurant to enjoy immediately at home.)
Pre-prepared meals to be re-heated at home and enjoyed at your leisure? (Ex: Rack of Lamb for 2 with Brussel Sprouts, Bacon & Roasted Potatoes with a sauce in an aluminum container. Take home, keep in fridge until ready to enjoy. Cook in oven for 20 mins.)
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FOOD TO GO: If you have experience using a restaurant delivery service, which one do you prefer?  

Have not used delivery services

FOOD TO GO: Please feel free to add any additional comments or suggestions for food to go options at Vino Bistro. 


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EVENTS: How comfortable are you with attending a wine-focused event, i.e. Wine Tastings, Wine Festival, Wine Education Classes?  

Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable as long as social distancing is enforced and precautions are taken
Not comfortable at all
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EVENTS: Would you be interested in participating in wine tastings and wine education classes virtually? These events would use both Facebook Live and Zoom services. 

Interested in learning more about this option.
Not at all.
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