NJV Website & Messages Survey
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Required 1.
Do you find North Jersey Villages (NJV) website to be informative?
Never read it
Required 2.
When do you go to North Jersey Villages (NJV) website?
Weekly to check for new information
When an email or other message leads me to NJV website
Never go to NJV website
Required 3.
Under EVENTS, what opportunities do you want NJV to continue to provide?
Book Club & Discussion Groups
Educational webinars (Wellness, Security, Preparedness)
Scheduled Entertainment (Opera, ballet, theater)
Interactive Social (i.e. Zoom Bingo, Dance)
Physical & Spiritual Exercise
Outreach projects
Cooking & Crafts
Arts, Culture, Travel & Humor on YouTube
More to do from Home
Required 4.
Under NEWS & SERVICES, what information has been/would be helpful to you?
Volunteer & Engagement Challenges
County & State Food Sources
Food Shopping & Prescription pick-up & Deliveries
Free Check-in Service for Seniors Aging at Home
Home Health Aide Services
Virtual Support Groups
Caregiver Support Groups
Grief Counseling
Seasonal Home Maintenance Assistance
Required 5.
Under COVID-19 Updates, what information has been/would be valuable to you?
Link to New Jersey COVID-19 website
Link to Bergen County COVID-19 website
Link to NJ 211 Connection
NJ Shopping Rules
DOJ on COVID-19 Scams
Medicare & Coronavirus
NJ Mortgage Relief
Stimulus Check
Required 6.
Under CENSUS INFO & YOU COUNT, what information has been informative or challenging for you?
Languages Available for Census 2020 information & responses
About the Quick & Easy Form
About Data Confidentiality & Security
Responding Online, Phone or by Mail
Beat the Rap at Your Door - Census 2020 Calendar
Why you count in Representation & Getting Fair Share
Why you count in funding for Transportation, Roads & Highways
Why you count in funding for Affordable Housing & Schools
Why you count in funding for Hospitals & Fire Departments
Why you count in funds available for Disaster Relief in your community
Why you are Important to Spread the Word & Make it a Challenge!
Required 7.
What other information would be helpful on the NJV website?

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Required 8.
Which NJV Constant Contact email messages have been/would be useful? Check as many as apply.  (Giving you links to federal, state, county and local resources makes us your one-stop information center. but in the virtual Village model, we do not duplicate what news or information services already exist but augment or highlight and fill in the gaps for you.) 
Weekly communication of next scheduled EVENTS
NEWS & SERVICES announcements of new benefits & opportunities
Monthly announcement about next Book Club book
Bulletins on changes as they happen in crisis times
Required 9.

What is your age?

Under 18
over 80
Required 10.
Where do you live?  Town:

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