Nomad PHP Survey
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What best describes your current role?

Seeking opportunities
Developer or Engineer
Engineering Manager
Director of Engineering
VP or C-Level
Technical, Non-developer
Not technical
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In your current capacity, what size of development team do you manage?

I don't manage a team
1-3 developers
4-5 developers
6-10 developers
11-15 developers
16-25 developers
26-50 developers
More than 50 developers
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Are you a current subscriber of Nomad PHP?


What is the reason you chose or chose not to subscribe to Nomad PHP?


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Required 5.

What aspects of Nomad PHP do/ would you find most valuable?  (Select all that apply)

Live monthly talks
Streaming PHP conferences
Watching videos on-demand
Access to php[architect]
Access to read books online
Professional certifications
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Overall, how do you feel about the value you receive (or would receive) with Nomad PHP knowing that a monthly subscription costs $19.95/mo?

No Value Low Value Neutral Valuable Very Valuable       
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Which of these features would be most valuable to you?  (Select all that apply)

Desktop app for offline videos
Mobile app for offline videos
Roku app for streaming to TV
Interactive lessons/ skill checks
Learning paths (ie: AI training & certification)
Team management tools
Meetup software for my meetup
Additional programming magazines
Blogging and vlogs
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What features do you feel are missing from Nomad PHP?


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If you're currently not a subscriber, what could we do to get you to subscribe?

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