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The purpose of this survey is to learn more about the applicants for the Marketing Writer position. Please complete each question within the survey.
We understand that your resume and/or cover letter may cover some of these topics. However, we still request that you complete each question. You will have one hour to finish the survey.
Contact with any questions. You will be notified within the coming weeks regarding whether or not you will be considered further for the position. Applicants who are an appropriate match for open positions will receive more information about our consulting opportunities.
Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Fuentek.
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How many years of total work experience do you have?

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To what extent do you have proficiency with the following tools?
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Please rate your proficiency in the following areas
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Marketing Writing
Technical Writing
Internet research (to find background information on an unfamiliar topic)
Written communication skills
Oral communication skils
Presentation skills
Interview skills
Organization skills
Required 6.
Do you have experience working in a virtual office (i.e., working from home; remote from your supervisor and client)? If so, describe your opinion of it. If not, describe what you see as its advantages and disadvantages.

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Required 7.
Do you currently have a full-functioning home office space including a high-speed Internet connection?

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Required 8.
In which field is your undergraduate degree?

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Required 9.
If applicable, list your graduate degree(s) and corresponding institution(s). If you have no graduate degrees then please enter "None."

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Required 10.

What best describes your technical aptitude?


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Required 11.
Describe a situation where you worked successfully with a difficult client, manager, or colleague with whom you did not get along.

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Required 12.
Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team? Why?

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Required 13.
Demonstration of Proofreading and Copy Editing Skills:

Using the original text below, enter the edited version in the box, making any changes necessary for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. Include any queries to the author you deem necessary. Follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Original text:

Acme Consulting Co, which is comprised of a dozen consultants, has lead several successful technology transfer efforts. For example, they negotiate a partnership for their client to study prisms which were provided by a major University to determine its optical properties at cryogenic temperatures down to 6 °K. Another success was the licensing of a state of the art connector for use in a PT device that helps bring a patient with back injuries to a standing position and assists them during ! gate therapy. These successes are complimented by a creative flair. In a completely different project, staff members Jayne Peirson and Lynn Sutton used their creative skills to develop a parity of the well known "Got Milk" campaign. The humorous ads dramatize the consequences of when an innovator fails to file a NTR when they develop a new technology. Pierson wrote and directed the commercial and found the actors to play the different roles. "Its exciting to see a project "come alive" like this," she said.

Enter your revised version below:


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Required 14.
What other skills do you possess that you think we should be aware of in considering you as a technology marketing writer? What knowledge, skills, abilities, or experience might set you apart from others?

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Required 15.

Why is this position of interest to you?


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Required 16.

How soon would you be able to begin providing services to Fuentek?


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Required 17.

How many hours would you be available (or would you prefer) to work per week?


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Required 18.
If you currently work as a consultant/contractor, what is your standard hourly rate? If you are not currently a consultant/contractor, then enter NA.

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Required 19.

If you are not a consultant/contractor, what yearly salary equivalent did you receive in your last job? If you are currently a consultant/contractor, enter NA below.


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What questions do you have for us regarding this position?

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Required 21.
What sentence best describes your impression of this online screening process?

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Very cool, I definitely see its value
A little tedious, but I see its value
Irritating, and I do not see its value
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