With all of the uncertainty in our world right now, one thing we know for sure is, if you DO GOOD, you will FEEL GOOD! 

PROJECT OUR TOWN wants to know what it is you want to do.  Our mission is to provide opportunities to volunteer that have purpose, meaning, and make an impact. Your comments and choices on this survey will help guide us as we plan for the days ahead. It will take you less than 5 minutes to fill out-promise!

We sincerely appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

This survey is anonymous. 
Listed below are a number of potential projects - that would benefit populations like seniors, essential workers, people struggling with poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, vision-impaired, etc.....For each general volunteer opportunity, please indicate your interest level in participating. 
 1 - No Thank You - Not My Cup of Tea 3 - Stuck in the Middle 5 - Absolutely - When Can I Start 
Food/Personal Hygiene Drive
Make Masks (sew, fold or sock variety)
Yard Work / Beautification / Gardening - yard clean up, provide seedlings/small plants for distribution
Audio Recording of Requested Readings (poetry typically)
Create Video's - Thank you, Encouragement (can be set to music....)
Park Clean Up - park, open space, trail
Assemble Small "Kindness Kits" (you provide items - gum, chocolate, tea bags, snacks) - we deliver
Create signs / Cards - Thank You, Encouragement, Special Occasion
Cutting Firewood - cut, split, stack

Please provide any detail on the above opportunities to help us better understand what drives you to volunteer. I.E - you like to work with others, creative outlet, finite time period, help someone in need, give back... 


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Please list any specific projects you would like to see offered as well as additional types that we may have overlooked.


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Our projects are designed with current CDC and WHO guidelines in mind. In this time of social distancing and small groups, please let us know your comfort level in the following scenarios for volunteer work.
 Not For Me  Depends on Current Situation  I'm Comfortable In the Situation 
Home Projects Only - make and assemble at home and drop off at nearest site.
Small Group Projects - Outside (masked, group of 4-6 people who have existing bonds)
Small Group Projects - Outside (masked, group of 4-6 strangers). Use of OWN equipment
Small Group Projects - Inside (masked, 4-6 ideally, but under 10, people).
6 Footer Groups - Neighbors/Friends get together OUTSIDE to complete a craft/simple assembly project
PROJECT OUR TOWN has worked with over 60 non profit organizations in the Metro Denver area but we would love to work with MORE! Please take a moment to list your favorite non-profits.

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If you wish to be notified about new opportunities as they arise, please provide your name and email. 

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