Northeast Michigan Economic Re-Opening Survey
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Required 1.
Please indicate how you plan to conduct your daily activities once the shelter-in-place order expires: (select all that apply)
Same, my daily activities have not been impacted by COVID19
I will follow the recommended health guidelines to the best of my abilities
I will wear a mask when in public
I will continue to follow physical distance guidelines
I will ask others around me to stay 6 ft. away and to please wear a mask
I will not be going out for non-essential reasons until there is a vaccine
Required 2.
How important are each of the following to you to increase your comfort shopping in a store: (select all that apply)
Having plexiglass between associates and shoppers
Enforcing shoppers to wear masks
Taping on the floor to indicate 6 feet distances
Limiting the amount of shoppers in the building at a time
Spacing out merchandise
Indicating or posting their cleaning/sanitizing routines
Required 3.

How have your discretionary spending habits been impacted by COVID19: 

They have not changed, and will not change in the future
I have more income so I will likely spend more
I will continue to be cautious, supporting local business when I can
My income has decreased so I will likely not spend as much as I used to
Required 4.
Please indicate your level of comfort regarding engaging in these activities over the next 3-4 months:
 Not Comfortable  Neutral  Very Comfortable 
Going out in public for non-essential shopping
Going out for recreational activity
Going shopping in a store (clothing, parts & supplies, gifts, books, etc.)
Appointment for a personal service (hair, nails, massage, etc.)
Appointment for a non-emergency medical issue
Consultation in an office with a sales agent, lawyer, realtor, etc.
Congregating with family
Congregating with friends
Standing closer to strangers (closer than 6-ft.)
Going to church
Required 5.
Please indicate your level of comfort regarding engaging in these activities over the next 3-4 months:
 Not Comfortable  Neutral  Very Comfortable 
Going to service club or group meetings
Attending an outdoor public festival or event
Attending a wedding or other family function
Attending an indoor seminar, event, conference, etc.
Traveling to other cities or states for work
Visiting other cities, states for leisure
Staying in a hotel or motel
Staying in a cabin, cottage, or Air BnB
Staying at a campground
Dining in a restaurant
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Required 6.
What is your preferred method of paying for purchases?
Credit or debit card
Digital app (Paypal, Venmo, etc.)
Required 7.
Which of the following shopping adaptations have you found most helpful over the past 2 months: (select all that apply)
Curbside pick-up
Unique packages (ex. take & bake meals, art project packages to do at home, etc)
Shopping Service (Shipt, etc.)
Online ordering, purchasing
Shipping from local businesses
Drive-up window
Virtual consultations
Digital "events"
Online classes, sessions
Required 8.
Please indicate your level of activity on a scale of zero to 100% for the following:
 Zero 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 
Prior to COVID 19, approximately what percent of your shopping did you do online?
Approximately what percent of your shopping will you do online from now on?
Prior to COVID 19, what percent of your purchases were from locally-owned businesses?
What percent of your purchases will be from locally-owned businesses going forward?
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Is there anything else, not indicated above, that a business could do to make you more comfortable as a patron?


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Please use this space to share any thoughts on how long you believe it may take for the economy to recover, how long before the general public will be comfortable resuming ALL prior activities, any other comments, etc. (not required)


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