Volunteer Fairfax - PPE/Cloth Masks/Essential Items Donation Survey
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Please complete this survey to help Volunteer Fairfax better source donations.  If you experience problems submitting this survey, please click on this link to re-access the survey.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): The Fairfax County Health Department staff rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) when conducting contact investigations in settings housing our most vulnerable residents, including those residing in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

    In addition, Fairfax County seeks to support our safety net providers providing essential health care services to underinsured and uninsured residents.

  • Sewn cloth face coverings/masks:
    Donations are needed to protect the most vulnerable within our community and will support nonprofit providers and the low-income client households they serve.

    Please note: If you are a medical practice or long term care facility and are in need of PPE, we have been asked to connect you with the Fairfax County Health Department. Please email them at HDLiaison@fairfaxcounty.gov and share your supply need with them for better assistance.

  • Child Care Provider priority items: 
    The Office for Children is seeking donations to support child care programs countywide in providing essential services to children and families. Donated supplies will support healthy hygiene practices and help child care centers and family child care programs maintain a clean and healthy environment.
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Sewn face coverings/masks
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Medical gowns
Nitrile gloves
Face shields (Business-produced or homemade)
Hand soap or sanitizer
Cleaning supplies: Disinfectant spray and wipes, bleach, etc.
Hair covers
3-D printed masks
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Baby formula
Non-Perishable Food - Cans of food that are not expired
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Thank you for your offer to donate needed supplies, these are critical to our public health and we greatly appreciate your offer and your follow thru in making this donation possible. One of our staff members will review the submission and get back to you.

If you experience problems submitting this survey, please click on this link  to re-access the survey.