ReGathering Volunteer Opportunities
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Care Outfitters -- Mask Providers and Hand Sanitizer hosts. Help direct people, and help anyone who needs extra care. If you are in the health care industry, this might be a good place for you to volunteer.
Cleaning Brigade -- Wipe down pews, keep surfaces clean, and report any "unclean" areas for extra cleanup.
Doorkeepers -- Stand at doors and guide people into building, make sure attendees have an appropriate mask, and give people directions.
Hallway Helper -- Watch to make sure people know which way to go, be sure groups are not congregating in too large of a group. Keep people from touching or hugging. Keep people out of restricted areas.
Parking & Safety -- Guide cars into parking lots. Direct people where to enter building. Watch for potential risks and report to security.
Restroom Valet -- Help keep restrooms clean and make sure the number or people who enter or exit is within correct amount.
Usher -- Escort families to appropriate seats in Sanctuary. Be sure to keep people out of roped off seats and within limits.
Off-Site Helper --If you are unable to attend right away, or might be at a higher risk, ministers can assign you to help in a way that does not compromise your health. This might be in our First Cares ministry or other area that reaches out to our members.
Available where most needed -- Willing to do any role.