Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce Survey
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The health and safety of our members and community partners is the most important thing right now, and the Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber wants to be sure businesses have the tools to succeed at safely reopening for business. In an effort to help our community with a safe and phased approach, we'd like to know how your company is preparing and planning as you reopen. We need your help and your expertise as business leaders because we're all in this together. Please take a moment and fill out this short survey, outlining how your company recovery plans. We will share the results with our members so you can see how your community partners plan to reopen. All specific identity information will be kept confidential, but will help us follow up for additional questions if needed.
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Less than 5
5 - 50
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101 - 500
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 Have you applied for assistance through the U.S. Small Business Administration or other resources?

Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (EIDL)
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
Other (Please Specify
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 Have you seen any disruption to your supply chain within the past 60 days due to issues related to COVID-19?

We have experienced supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 issues ABROAD only
We have experienced supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 issues WITHIN THE UNITED STATES only
We have experienced supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 issues both ABROAD and WITHIN THE UNITED STATES
No supply chain disruption
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 What percentage change in gross revenue do you anticipate when comparing 1st Quarter 2020 to last years 1st Quarter 2019?

Decline 0-25%
Decline 26%-50%
Decline 51%-75%
Decline more than 75%
No decrease or increase
Gross revenue has increased
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 What practices are you already deploying to keep your employees safe? Select all that apply

Social distancing measures, including signage
Staggering shifts or individuals in the office
Allowing employees to work from home
Requiring employees to wear face masks
Requiring employees to wear gloves
Temperature checks of all employees
Requiring all employees to be tested for Covid-19
Continuous cleaning/disinfecting of high-touch surfaces (ie: printers, doorknobs, light switches)
Nightly deep cleaning/sanitizing
Requiring employees go home if they show signs of any illness
Altering work spaces
Altering common spaces to include things like foot pedals for opening doors, glass shields in office or reception areas, etc...
We are currently closed
Required 9.

How has your staffing changed due to COVID-19? Select all that apply.

Increased employee hours
Hired employees
Reduced employee hours
Furloughed employees temporarily
Laid off employees permanently
No changes
Not applicable/no payroll employees
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Required 10.

 If you have reduced operations or were/are closed, what BUSINESS factors will impact your decision to reopen?

 Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important NA  
Having enough capital to restart the business or expand back to full capacity  
Re-hiring employees or finding staff who are willing/able to return to work  
Reliability of suppliers, vendors or contractors  
Having enough demand for my company's product or service  
Possibility of ending to shut down or reduce operations if there is another outbreak  
Needing to adapt my business model or product/service/offer-
Safety measures or social distancing requirements may be too costly to implement  
Fear of litigation if an employee becomes ill once they resume on-site hours  
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 How feasible would it be for your business to operate with the following safety measures in place:

 Easy to Implement Moderate Difficult to Implement NA  
Require everyone on the premises to use PPE (such as masks or gloves)  
Strict social distancing (6 feet of space or protective barrier between individuals)  
Health screening (workers should stay home if they are having symptoms; temperature checks at the door)  
Extra cleaning between shifts or at the end of the day  
Stagger shifts to limit the number of employees onsite at one time  
Allow employees to work remotely  
Deliver services remotely (ie: via phone, video or web)  
Deliver products via curbside pick-up or delivery  
Restrict the number of customers/visitors on site at any given time  
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Required 12.

 What practices are you already deploying to keep your customers or visitors safe, and in effect those employees interacting with visitors? Select all that apply

Social distancing measures, including signage
Customers by appointment only
Requiring visitors/customers to wear face masks and providing masks to those without one
Requiring visitors/customers to wear gloves and providing gloves to those without them
Temperature checks of all customers
Providing hand sanitizer upon entering premises
Reducing customer/visitor interaction through touchless options or increased distancing
We are currently closed to the public
Are you familiar with the Count On Me NC ( best practices training for reopening your business?
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Are you aware that the Richmond Community College Small Business Center ( has training and guidance resources for reopening?

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 What data or metrics are you most closely tracking to understand trends / health impacts on your industry? Please list specific outlets below in the comments.

Center For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
NC Department of Health and Human Services
Scotland County Health Department
Scotland Health Care System
Industry-specific data

 What support do you need from your Chamber, EDC or other economic & community development partners at this time?


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