Literacy Volunteers of Morris County Tutor Survey
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As we adjust to this new normal, we are seeking important feedback from our most valuable resource, you, our tutors. We appreciate your insight and honesty as we put a plan in place to continue offering our much needed literacy services.

We recognize that your own ability or desire to tutor may have changed, and that your student's availability and priorities may have changed. Please use this survey to help us understand your current status. If you prefer to speak to one of our staff members to discuss your situation, please call us at 973-984-1998.

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Before the Covid-19 outbreak, were you meeting regularly with your student(s)?

Yes, I was tutoring regularly
No, our tutoring had ended (please let us know when you ended)
Other (please specify)
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How would you describe your current tutoring situation. Select all that apply.
I am currently tutoring remotely.
I have contacted my student but we have decided to put our tutoring temporarily on-hold.
I am planning to remotely tutor my student within the next month.
I would like to be matched with a new student to begin remote tutoring.
I would like to resume tutoring, but need guidance with how to tutor remotely.
I am interested in tutoring in person only.
I have contacted my student, but they are no longer interested or available.
I am no longer interested in tutoring.
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How would you describe your student's current tutoring status. Select all that apply.
I am currently tutoring my student remotely
My student prefers to wait until face-to-face tutoring can resume.
My student would like to try tutoring remotely with another tutor.
My student lacks technology necessary for remote tutoring.
My student is too busy for tutoring (work, childcare issues, other).
I have no information. My student has not responded to my texts, calls.
My student is no longer interested in tutoring.
I have not been in contact with my student
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How willing are you to continue tutoring student remotely (not face-to-face)?
Very willing
Somewhat willing
Somewhat unwilling
Very unwilling
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How comfortable are you using the following resources to tutor?
 Very Uncomfortable Uncomfortable Comfortable More Comfortable Very Comfortable 
Google Meet
Face Time
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How can LVMC best support you in your remote tutoring efforts?


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