New Hampshire MEP Survey
Your individual responses are confidential. All survey responses are combined and reported in the aggregate. We plan to repeat this survey periodically so that we can continue to monitor and share the ongoing impacts of this pandemic on New Hampshire Manufacturers. 
The survey should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. Please note that at the end of the survey you will have the option to "opt in" to receive a copy of the summary report. If you choose to receive a copy, you will be asked to provide your company's name and contact information.
Contact Zenagui Brahim, if you have any questions about the survey.
Compared to your normal state of business for this time of year, what best describes the current state of your business?
Down Greatly
Down Significantly
Down Somewhat
About the Same
Up Somewhat
Up Significantly
Up Greatly

What actions have you already taken in response to the economic downturn related to COVID-19? 

Check all that apply.

Increased inventories of key supply items needed for production
Reduced non-labor expenses
Deferred capital expenses
Reduced working hours
Instituted unpaid time off/furloughs

How have your order backlogs changed in the last 30 days?

Increased Significantly
Increases Slightly
About the Same
Decreased Slightly
Decreases Significantly
Don't Know

Given business and economic conditions, how likely are you to take actions on the items below within the next quarter?

 Very Likely Somewhat Likely NA Somewhat Unlikely Very Unlikely 
Reduced inventories of raw materials
Increase inventories of key supply items
Reduce non-labor expenses
Defer capital expenses
Reduce working hours
Institute unpaid time off/furloughs
Close the business
Hire new employees
Increase sales

How have active COVID-19 cases impacted your business?

No active cases
Active cases reported, but no or little impact to ongoing operations
Active cases reported, leading to shutdown of part of operations for a period of time
Active cases reported, leading to shutdown of all operations for a period of time

What changes have you already made in response to COVID-19? Select all that apply.

Changed work layout to increase social distancing
Placed restrictions on non-essential visitors
Secured/Securing PPE for all workers
Working from home where possible
Increased cleaning and disinfecting practices
Adopted policies to prevent workers exposed to COVID-19 or symptomatic employees from coming to work
Ensured that only necessary workers are present

How would you characterize the business outlook for your company right now?

Very positive Somewhat positive Somewhat negative Very Negative No change from before COVID-19       

Please list your top three (3) concerns for your business in order of importance:


50 characters left.

What is your level of concern for the following:

 Very Likely Somewhat Likely Niether Somewhat Unlikely Very Unlikely 
Future outbreaks of COVID- 19
Ability to handle increased order volume
Supply chain continuity
Declining cash flow
Falling cash reserves
Falling order volume
Having to close business
Loss of workforce

To what level do you expect your business to return to when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

Much better than before Somewhat better than before The same as before Somewhat worse than before Much worse than before Will not be returning NA     

How long do you expect it will take your business to normalize after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

Less than 1 month Less than 3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months Greater than 12 months I have no idea!      

What positive effects to your business (any silver linings?) have occurred as a result of COVID-19?


50 characters left.

What city is your company in?


50 characters left.

What industry is your company in?


50 characters left.
Is your company a manufacturer?

What does your company produce?


50 characters left.

Has your company pivoted to produce PPE because of COVID-19?

Yes - please list the product in other and answer question 18.
No - please move to question 19.
Please list under other, the type of PPE

If you answered yes to question 17, what will your company do?

Continue to produce PPE
Return back to producing your original product only
Combination of both PPE & original product
N/A. I answered no to question 17.

Which of the following best represents the number of employees at your organization?

Less than 25
Over 250

Which of the following best describes your current job level?

Senior Management
Middle Management

As a survey participant, you have the option to receive a copy of the summary report from NHMEP. Would you like to receive a copy?

Yes, I will provide my contact information to you in question 22
No. NHMEP thanks you for your time taking our survey!
Since you answered Yes to question 21, please enter the information indicated below so you will receive a copy of the summary report from NHMEP. **Please note this information is used strictly by and through NHMEP. We treat personal details with utmost care and do not sell them to companies for any other purposes, intent or promotional use.

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