Spanish Fort United Methodist Church Survey
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Our church staff, along with our Covid-19 Task Force, have been working on creating best practices regarding returning to our sanctuary for in-person worship. This group includes several medical professionals and committee leaders in our church.  We are adhering to recommendations put out by our Bishop, as well as local and state health officials.  This group is not only working on plans for WHEN is the best time to return; it is also working on plans for HOW we will return safely.  The intention of this survey is to provide feedback that will be helpful to the group in the development of these plans. We appreciate your time and help as we work together now for plans to gather together in the future!

Please answer one survey per family.
Required 1.
Since we have not had In-Person Worship, have you (your family) participated in our on-line worship services through Facebook Live, You-Tube, or the radio broadcast?
Yes, most or every week
Yes, a few times
No, not at all
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If you have not participated in on-line worship services, what is the reason(s)? Check all that apply. 

I (We) do not feel comfortable participating in on-line worship
1 (We) do not have access to be able to participate in on-line worship
I (We) do not know how to participate in on-line worship
I prefer not to answer

During our time away from in-person worship, have you participated in giving in any of the following ways? 

On-line Giving through the church website
Dropping a check off at the church office
I have not been able to participate in giving
I prefer not to answer

Upon returning to in-person worship, we are planning to take multiple precautions to make the sanctuary safe, including following CDC guidelines regarding distancing in seating, requiring use of face masks and hand sanitizer upon entry, and possibly checking temperatures. Would you (your family) agree to adhere to these measures and return to in-person worship?  

I (my family) would agree to adhere to these measures and would return to in-person worship at the first opportunity.
I (my family) would wait for a period of time before returning to in-person worship, depending on infection rates
I (my family) plans for continue to participate in on-line worship only for quite a while
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Regarding availability of face masks, which applies to you? 

I (my family) would bring our own face masks each week
I (my family) would need the church to provide face masks
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If you are planning to return to in-person worship, how many people would be typically attending each week in your family? Please note that, initially, we will not have nursery or children's church during the worship services, so families will be all together in worship.
5 or more
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Select the age ranges for you and members of your family with whom you typically attend worship.
Under 18
Over 70
Prefer not to answer
What are your biggest concerns regarding returning to in-person worship? Select all that apply.
Sanitizing of the sanctuary
Ability to social distance
Willingness of others to wear face masks
Ability to feel "back to normal"
Availability of childcare

If you plan to continue participating in On-line Worship, are there suggestions you have that would make the services more meaningful to you or your family?  


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Are there other thoughts or input you would like to share with the planning team? 


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