2020 Small Business of the Year Application
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Eligibility Criteria for the Currituck Chamber Small Business of the Year:
The business must be a Currituck Chamber member in good standing.  
The Small Business of the Year award is given annually to the small business who has demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial accomplishments through the following specific criteria:
(1) excellent business practices
(2) customer service, and  
(3) community involvement.   
There are 2 awards in this category based on the number of employees, one for businesses with less than 10 employees and one for 10 or more employees.   
This award is based upon the quality of the application, NOT the number of applications received for a particular business.  Therefore, please be specific in the answers to the following questions.  All three factors are equally important, and it is important to explain how the nominated business meets them all.
Please note, while it is possible for a business to win the same award twice, it is important to distinguish what circumstances have changed to warrant another award.  How has the business improved? Again, all criteria must be addressed.  
The deadline for nominations is August 31, 2020. 
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Nominator (who you are).  You may and are encouraged to nominate your own business!

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Number of Employees 

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How does the nominated business demonstrate excellent business practices?


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 How does the nominated business excel at customer service? 


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How is the nominated business involved in the community?


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Is there any additional information you'd like to share to support your nomination?  


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If this business is a previous recipient of this award, how has the business grown, changed, or improved to warrant another award?  


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