City of Balch Springs COVID-19 Impact on Your Business!
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Contact Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Company Name:
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Email Address:
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Which of the following best describes the principal industry of your organization?
Advertising & Marketing
Utilities, Energy, and Extraction
Business Support & Logistics
Construction, Machinery, and Homes
Entertainment & Leisure
Finance & Financial Services
Food & Beverages
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Retail & Consumer Durables
Real Estate
Telecommunications, Technology, Internet & Electronics
Transportation & Delivery
I am currently not employed
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Employee Count:

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Changes In Operation

We have closed completely
We are open: but not for in-person customer visits
We have reduced operational hours
We are not currently offering on-site products/services, but do offer takeout, delivery, online ordering, etc.
Our product offerings have changed
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Changes in Workforce

We have (or anticipate) reduced staffing through furloughs and/or layoffs
We have reduced hours per staff
We have changed our current/future hiring plans
Staff are allowed to work remotely
Staff are required to work remotely
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Changes in Finances

We have seen a reduction in sales
We are planning to suspend or significantly curtail operations
We are monitoring/reducing spending due to uncertainty
We are facing bankruptcy or closure
We are facing bankruptcy and closure
Other financial changes
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Our organization is trying to identify ways that we can best support the business community during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we best help your business navigate this situation?

Gathering virtually for education and discussion
Providing workforce resources and information
ing in problem solving groups or committees
Information on obtaining financial support
Working to innovate together and find new ways to support local business/commerce
I don't need help
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If you are a community-serving organization - do you have new needs specifically related to the COVID-19 outbreak? (If yes, describe)

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Any additional comments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on your business:

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Have you received Small Business assistance funds through the CARES Act? 


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Are you a Minority/Women owned business?

Minority owned
Women owned
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Could you benefit from a Small Business Loan? 


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Thank you for helping us better understand the needs of our business community during this challenging time.