FAWL Help a Sister Out Program
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Do you have an hour or so a month to help a lawyer mom in your area take one thing off of her long to-do list while she's struggling to keep up with work with the kids at home? If so, you can Help a Sister Out!

Possible ways to help could include but are not limited to:
-picking up a few groceries
-grabbing the dry cleaning
-dropping or picking up the dog from the groomer
-checking on an elderly parent 
-providing hearing coverage or other work related assistance

Fill out the following survey to find women lawyers who could use a helping hand this summer. We will put you in contact with those who need assistance in your area.
Please enter your name, phone number, address**, email address and FAWL Chapter.
**Your address will not be published anywhere or provided to any FAWL member taking part in this Program. It will only be used by FAWL admin to determine whether you are close by someone who requests assistance through this Program.

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Would you be interested in assisting with the FAWL Special Programs Committee, which works on this Project?
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