Join us October 16th to learn about trainings and opportunities happening in Rocky Ford in 2021!

Rocky Ford is dedicated to being a good home to businesses through community engagement and increased cooperation between the city and local entrepreneurs. The Rocky Ford Challenge has shown our commitment to growing and retaining jobs through collaboration with broad stakeholders. Our focus is to create access, physically and virtually, to career training around local opportunities for professional, entrepreneurial, and property development.  The goal is to strengthen existing business and foster new businesses with an entrepreneurial attitude that will keep our human resources in Rocky Ford. 

Rocky Ford needs YOUR help to establish a COLLABORATIVE vision for the future of business in the town. Whether you're already a business owner, a potential entrepreneur, or an involved citizen we want your FEEDBACK.

The purpose of the project is to create a series of hope-inspiring conversations about Rocky Ford's entrepreneurial opportunities to retain existing businesses and inspire young/underemployed people to create businesses for Rocky Ford. 

Thank you!