Documenting Covid 19 Pandemic in Haddam 2020
Documenting Covid-19 Pandemic in Haddam 2020
The Haddam Historical Society would like collect and preserve the experiences, images and stories of Haddam, Higganum and Haddam Neck residents during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and shut-down. The pandemic is a significant historic event in the world's history and we want to hear and document how it has impacted and affected you and your family.

 We believe it is important to preserve these experiences for future generations to understand the impact Covid-19 had our day to day lives. Everyday life changed significantly-schools closed, jobs lost, quarantines, illnesses, and many disruptions. Share your experience for generations to come!
Stories, images surveys and submitted material will be stored in the Haddam Historical Society archives as recollections that chronicle this world changing event.

Examples of recollections the Society is looking for:
Writing (anecdotes, observations, stories, journals, poetry)
These can be shared with the society by emailing us at

Or answer the Survey Questions Below
How has the Covid-19 shutdown impacted your life?


Do you have any direct experience with Covid-19?


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What are/were your biggest concerns or worries surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic? (work, social, health)

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How did your daily routine change? (work, social, education, health)

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What was your life like during the stay at home order? How did you spend extra free time?

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How did you see the shutdown and pandemic change our community?

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What are the positive and negative impacts (personal and community) from the Covid-19 shutdown?

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What did you miss the most during the shutdown and what was the first thing you did once it was lifted?

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Any other aspect of the shutdown or pandemic you would like to share? Good or bad?

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Agree to Terms: Stories, surveys, narratives, images submitted here may be used by the Haddam Historical Society for institutional archive, future community research and reference, or potential public programming as the Haddam Historical Society may determine. This may include, but is not limited to, the use of this material, in full or in part, for exhibits, websites and other uses consistent with the Haddam Historical Society's mission. (Not for commercial use)