Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Reviewer Survey
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The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) values your expertise. Your technical knowledge and insight into stakeholder concerns are critical to our mission of building unique partnerships that advance innovative research to address challenges in agriculture and food supply. 

We are currently seeking external peer reviewers for FFAR's 2020 competitive grant program: 

Accelerated Crop Breeding Tools, a program to provide innovative and potentially revolutionary research focused on ensuring under-appreciated crops also benefit from recent advances and emerging technologies for genotype-independent regeneration of fertile plants to foster application of rapid breed methods. 

EXTERNAL PEER REVIEW PERIOD: Mid July - September 2020


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Can you commit to serving as a reviewer for our 2020 Accelerated Crop Breeding Tools review process?
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Accelerated breeding methodologies
Crop diversification
Crop resiliency
Breeding better nutrition
Soil, field, watershed hydrology; ground-and surface-water interactions
Decision tools and modeling systems to support agricultural management
Monitoring and research to evaluate and inform agricultural management

If you are unable to serve as a reviewer, consider suggesting an alternate.  


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