Business Health Check Survey - A snapshot of your business today
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Is there enough time in the day for you to get your work done? Please explain.

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On average how many hours do you work per week?

Less than 20 hours
20-45 hours
45-55 hours
60+ hours per week
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Are you able to spend quality time with the people you care about? Please explain.

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Required 4.

How well do your employees work together as a team? 


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Required 5.

What level of understanding do your team members have about their role? 


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How well do you understand your financial statements? 


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Required 7.

How organized are your company systems and procedures? 


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Required 8.

How do you test and measure the performance of your business? 

We measure performance on a daily basis.
We have multiple measurable goals/plans that are calculated and divided by time periods.
We have goals and plans, although we frequently do not evaluate our progress.
There are no goals/plans. We measure our success by how much profits go up/down.
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Required 9.

What is your greatest challenge as a leader/business owner? 


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