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Not giving the customary handshake hello to our clients, colleagues, and carriers is tough! Our office wants to follow CDC best practices, so the team has come up with a number of ideas for handshake alternatives. We want your help picking out what one should become customary! 

There are the crowd favorites such as "The Peace Sign" and "Thumbs Up", as well as pop culture options like the "Live Long and Prosper" or the "Katniss Everdeen".

Check out the handshake alternatives below, then vote for your favorite!
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Cast Your vote here! Your vote will be put into a drawing to win a Peabody Insurance water bottle!

The Air Five: Starring Denise Lipinski & Grace Peabody
The Namaste: Starring Danielle Palermo
The Peace Sign: Starring Kristin Justice & Bridget Hetchler
The Katniss Everdeen: Starring Erin DeZelia
The Welcoming Hand Sanitizer: Starring Patty Peabody
The Foot Bump: Starring Donna Lyons & Cara Herz
The Live Long & Prosper: Starring Grace Peabody
The Thumbs Up: Starring Danielle Allen
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