The Champlain Society Teaching Resources User Survey
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The Champlain Society is pleased to offer free teaching resources for teaching and learning Canadian history. We value your feedback on the resources that have already been made available, and we would like to hear your suggestions for future resources too.
We appreciate your generosity in taking the time to fill out this survey. Thank you. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a code for 25% off the forthcoming Champlain Society volume A Hotly Contested Affair: Hockey in Canada.

Required 1.
In what role have you used or considered using the Champlain Society teaching resources? Select all that apply.

Elementary school teacher
Secondary school history teacher
Secondary school teacher of a subject other than history
CEGEP instructor
College or university instructor
Required 2.
What level do you teach? Select all that apply.

Kindergarten to Grade 3
Grades 4-6
Grades 7-8
Grades 9-10
Grades 11-12
Does not apply
Required 3.
How did you discover these teaching resources?

Searching the web
The Champlain Society website
Saw an advertisement
Referral from friend or colleague
Received an email
Saw a social media post
Required 4.

Which resources have you explored?

Building the Habitation: An Educational Resource for Teaching and Learning about Samuel de Champlain at Québec, 1608 (Grades 4-8)
Perspectives on the Habitation: An Educational Resource for Teaching and Learning about the Place of Québec in the Early Modern World (Grades 11-12)

How satisfied were you with the format of the package (PDF file with live links)?

Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Not satisfied

Is there another format that you would find easier to use?

HTML web page with live links
Printable pdf
Required 7.
How useful did you find these resources for teaching and learning about the French settlement at Québec in 1608?

Very useful
Somewhat useful
Not useful
Not applicable
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Required 8.
How engaged do you feel your students were in the suggested activities and/or while exploring the free resources?

Very engaged
Somewhat engaged
Not engaged
Not applicable
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Required 9.
What did you feel was the most useful feature of the resource package? Choose all that apply.
An Introduction to the St. Lawrence Valley in the Seventeenth Century
Lesson Plan
Excerpt from the primary source by Samuel de Champlain
Explanations in the margins of the primary source by Samuel de Champlain
Images of the habitation
Innu oral history primary source
Activity sheet
Answer key to activity sheet
Additional activities
Curriculum connections

Was there anything you didn't find useful?


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Did your students have any feedback on the resources?


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Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Is there anything you would like to see changed?


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Required 13.
How likely is it that you would recommend these teaching resources to a colleague (1 is least likely, 6 is most likely)?
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Which topics would you like to see future resource packages based on? Please rank each of the following topics in order of importance. Please add any additional resource topic suggestions in the comment section.

(1 = Least important)
The History of Hockey
The Hudson's Bay Company and the North
The Halifax Explosion of 1917
Early Toronto
John Franklin's Journals
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Would you like to be consulted further about the development of future teaching resources?

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Do you have any other feedback you would like to share with us? 


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Required 17.

How likely are you to purchase a Champlain Society membership?

Not likely
Somewhat likely
Very likely
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