Thank you for your interest in the Saluki Stay Scholarship program. This unique scholarship program is geared towards SIU undergraduate students.  Five scholarships will be awarded, including in-kind gifts ranging from retail store gift cards to meals in area restaurants.  The total value of the awards is approximately $1,500 each.

The Saluki Stay Scholarship award will be given to a Junior or Senior who has been enrolled at full time status at SIU for at least 4 previous semesters.  The student must have at least a 2.8 GPA (A=4.0) and be enrolled full time for fall semester classes.  Preference will be given to students with financial need.  

To be considered for this award, applicants must submit this application by August 4, 2020.  Awardees will be notified by August 7, 2020. Scholarship items will be awarded at the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on August 18, 2020. Scholarship winners are required to attend.

The estimated time for completion of this application is 10-20 minutes.  Applications must be completed in one session.