Momentum 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Survey
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The Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is in the process of developing a multi-modal Long Range Transportation Plan for 2045. This plan will identify and address future transportation needs and present a vision for how transportation investments and policies will serve and promote the long term growth management strategy for Polk County. We welcome your feedback and hope you will take a moment to answer the following questions.
Required 1.
Do you live in Polk County?
Required 2.
Do you work in Polk County?
Required 3.
What do you believe is the most important transportation planning issues facing Polk County?
Building and maintaining a competitive regional economy
Buidling and maintaining roads
Reducing highway congestion
Need for more public transportation options
Traffic Safety
Required 4.

What transportation problems are you most concerned with?

Traffic congestion
Poor pavement condition
Lack of public transportation (bus, light rail, etc.)
Lack of biking/walking options (bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.)
Safety (i.e. speeding, red light running, accidents, etc.)
Required 5.

What do you think is the most effective way to reduce transportation congestion in our county?

Expanding the highway system
Expanding the transit system
Improving education on carpooling and ridesharing
Providing more biking and walking facilities
Required 6.
Primary Mode of Transportation
How do you normally get around in Polk County?
Drive Alone
Bus (please answer question 8)
Required 7.

Secondary Mode of Transportation

In addition to how you normally get around in Polk County, please circle all other forms of transportation you have used in the past year (i.e. for work, recreation, shopping, etc.)

Drive Alone

Public Transportation

If you depend on public transportation, are the current bus schedules able to accommodate your transportation needs for access to work and/or school? If no, please explain.

You may skip this question if you do not rely on public transportation.

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Required 9.

Does anyone in your household have a special transportation need due to age or disability?

Required 10.

How would you describe your neighborhood?

Urban (i.e. downtown areas)
Suburban (i.e. neighborhoods)
Rural (i.e. areas outside cities and suburbs)
Required 11.

How long is your commute from home to work?

Less than 15 minutes
15 to 30 minutes
30 to 60 minutes
More than 1 hour
Required 12.

What is the ZIP code of your home residence?


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Required 13.

What is the ZIP code of your primary workplace?


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Do you have any ideas about specific transportation projects/locations for projects?


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