Active Launceston Endorsement Application
Guidelines for applicants

Active Launceston is a community driven partnership aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Launceston through increased participation in physical activity. Active Launceston will consider endorsement of physical activity events and initiatives that reflect the goal and relate to the objectives of Active Launceston.

Endorsement will allow organisations to use to the 'Active Launceston' branding in the promotion of their event or initiative. This branding will recognise the event or initiative as being involved in a broader physical activity network that is contributing to the achievement of the goal of Active Launceston. Gaining Active Launceston endorsement will also allow events and initiatives to be promoted through the Active Launceston social media pages (including Facebook), email networks and word of mouth.

Why seek Active Launceston endorsement?
 Active Launceston has become a multi award winning partnership that has developed a strong community profile, an excellent reputation, and a highly-recognisable brand and community identity. Using the Active Launceston logo will heighten the credibility of the event or initiative through its association with Active Launceston and provide recognition that the event or initiative is part of the collective approach to promoting physical activity.
- Events and initiatives endorsed by Active Launceston may be further promoted through the Active Launceston social media channels (including Facebook), Active Launceston programs and other promotional opportunities as they arise.