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We've heard stories about child welfare workers in the field doing extremely hard and amazing things. Take a few minutes to acknowledge their efforts. Recognition is simple, yet powerful so tell us who you want to thank and we'll share the kudos with the field. 

OR tell us what motivates you to do this work and how you make a meaningful and significant difference in the lives of children, youth and families, so we can tell everyone why the child welfare workforce matters.

AND if you have great press and/or fantastic photos, NCWWI would like to magnify your recognition by sharing it nationally! During our Child Welfare Worker Recognition event, 9/15/20, we will share a video with images from child welfare programs across the country! We'll also be sharing kudos on social media. Complete the form below and either provide a link in question #3 to the story and/or photos online, or email one or two photos to

Please note: While we won't change your message, we will correct grammar errors and may have to shorten the message down to post to social media. 

Thank you!
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I am a child welfare manager/administrator wanting to thank staff
I am a child welfare staff member and want to share what motivates me to do this work / how my work makes a difference
I want to thank a child welfare worker for helping me / my family
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