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Manhattan Early Childhood AllianceWe are a diverse alliance of education entrepreneurs, mostly women, who are owners and founders of pre-schools, day cares, and early childhood programs. Our programs serve families across the full socio-economic and ethnic spectrum of Manhattan.  

We are members of the Citywide Alliance of Early Childhood Entrepreneurs.  Through membership in this larger group of organizations from across the city, we are actively engaged in representing our membership to city, state and federal policy makers and public officials.

Mission - To empower independent, community-inclusive Manhattan early childhood program directors toward assuring our programs' ongoing, high quality community service.  
We do this by organizing, supporting ownership of our facilities, securing support and alliance from public officials, being knowledgeable, disseminating critical information, and providing inspiration and encouragement... And by acting thoughtfully and with agility, in the face of the disruption caused by the pandemic.

The information you provide below will be used collectively and anonymously to demonstrate our power and need to those whom we lobby, and to educate ourselves about who we are and what we need.

We can make our voices heard!



Write YOUR WEBSITE below.  We will post it and help promote your program. 


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What is the name of your program?


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Who referred you to our Alliance?

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Type of entity?

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We represent voting families.  That is our value to public officials. Please answer the following questions so that we can accurately present our constituent power.
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How many children did you serve before the pandemic?


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How many families do you currently serve through direct services including online?


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What is the size of your email list? 


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How long have you been in business?


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Who do you serve?  Check ALL that apply.

Infants and Toddlers
UPK tuition children
HRA/ACS tuition families
Kindergarten and elementary school
Middle School
High school
Special Needs Children
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Who is your demographic?
Mostly Lower income families
Mostly working class families
Mostly middle income families
Mostly upper-middle income families
Mostly upper income families
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What type of entity are you?  (If you are N- 8 select child care license.)
Licensed Center-Based Day Care
Legally Exempt Child Care

What is the majority demographic enrolled in your program? 

People of African Ancestry
People of Latino Ancestry
People of Asian Ancestry
People of European ancestry
None of these groups is a majority in my program; we are very diverse.
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Are you a member of a network, management company, or franchise, if so which?


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Is your program operated or subsidized by a religious organization?  If so, which.


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What are best times for Zoom Meeting for you.  Check all that apply.

Mid Day
Late Afternoon
Early Evening
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Do you own your facility or lease it?

Multiple Sites - Owned and Leased
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What is the average tuition paid by your tuition-paying families for enrollment? (Not Voucher or ACD)


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Required 19.
What changes in policies and practices could help your program to survive and thrive? 
Check ALL that apply.
DOH & DOE should view us as partners and valued resources in serving the families of this city.
GFDCs should be allowed to open in multiple residential sites.
We should be given funding to expand our facilities or given contracts to operate out of new facilities being created.
We should be consulted prior to policy decisions that impact us.
Zero to Five should be designed so it doesn't run mom-entrepreneurs out of business.
DOH & DOE should demonstrate their respect for us as community servants and women entreprenerus who built our programs from the ground up
We should be allowed to have 3K contracts with the DOE even if we don't join networks.
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If you contract with the city (UPK, ACD, Vouchers) what changes in policies and practices will allow your business to survive and thrive?

We should be compensated to pay our teachers on-par with DOE or DOE should stop raiding our UPK staff.
We should be allowed to thrive and contract with the city even if we don't join a network.
We should be compensated at fair rates - much more than $40 per day for an infant for 10 hours.
We should be given hazard pay if we are forced to open before it's safe or serve families who don't follow safety protocols.
We should continue to receive funding even if we choose not to open until it's safe.
DOH and DOE should conduct fair inspections and view us as partners and essential community servants.
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Please list names of other programs to whom we should reach out.


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What, if any skills, resources, or personnel, can you contribute to our effort?


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Required 23.

Do you know any child care programs or schools near you who have gone out of business because of COVID?  If so, please give us their names and locations.


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The NYC DOE will be providing 100,000 children with free childcare this fall.  They are also looking for new facilities for childcare.  Any questions / comments about this or anything else?


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Please answer frankly.  And let us know how we can help.
 Not Very Likely Somewhat 50/50 Very Likely Most Likely 
What do you believe is the likelihood you will still be in business in 6 months without additional financial support from the government? How can we help?
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