SCCT Patron, 

With Governor McMaster's recent decision to allow performing arts centers to reopen at half capacity, SCCT is evaluating a number of options for returning to live theatre. When SCCT does open to the public, we will: 

-       observe a strict social distancing policy, including General Admission seating for ALL shows, so that families can sit together while distancing from other parties
-       follow a strict sanitization policy, regularly sanitizing public areas of our facility
-       require patrons and staff to wear face masks at all times
-       seat our audience chamber at half capacity - 150 people vs. 300

Knowing the measures we are prepared to take to ensure your family's safety, we would like to have your opinion on the matter. Please complete the 2-question survey and help us understand our audience's views on the matter. 

Thank you for your support and for your input!