Breeders are rightfully concerned about the reproductive performance of their Newfoundlands. This survey is being conducted to provide systematic data on the practices of Newfoundland breeders and their outcomes. Though often discussed informally and on social media, there are few actual data on conception, whelping, litter size, maternal behavior, etc. which are so crucial to the survival of the Breed. If participation is sufficient, the survey will provide a critical assessment of where we are as a Breed and suggest possible strategies for its continued well-being. Also, if successful, it will provide a baseline for future evaluations.
The survey is in multiple parts: Section 1 which is to collect general information about the breeder only, needs to be answered once. Section 2 asks about a specific breeding.  Please answer for only for breedings done in calendar year 2019. If you did more than one breeding during the year, you will be directed to answer the survey for each breeding, up to a total of three. Remember, it is important to report breedings which did not result in a litter.
Please note that all survey responses will be completely anonymous. Email addresses and any other identity data is not linked to the data and NCA members involved in the analysis will be completely unaware of the identity of the respondents.
This survey is a joint project of the Breeders Education Committee and the CTMB. Thank you for participating in this important endeavor.