Kids From Wisconsin Master Class Information Request
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Thank you for participating in our Master Class opportunity.  This is an information request that will assist us when communicating and scheduling your master class.  

This is a unique opportunity that will assist past, present and future Kids From Wisconsin along with members of the community.  
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Please enter the name of the person or persons that will be leading the class.

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What is your affiliation with Kids From Wisconsin (if any)?

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Please provide your website or social media page for tagging purposes.

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Our Master Classes run once a month on Saturdays at 10am (cdt)  Please provide your month of choice.  If you prefer a different time or date please indicate. 

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Do you have an ARTS Specialty?


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Please provide your topic of choice for a Master Class.

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Please provide a short catchy title for publication.


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What is the suggested age group for your Master Class?
Children ages 7-14
Young Adults ages 15-20
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What is the Master Class participation cap (if any)?


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What resources (if any) are needed by participants for participation? Ex (tap shoes, Pen & Paper etc.)


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What is the length of the class?  (60 minutes minimum)


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Provide any affiliation or group to be included in the invite? (if any)


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Please provide a brief class description.


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Please provide a detailed class description.


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Do you want participants to send you questions before the class?
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Do you want to provide an email or phone number to be available to the participants for follow-up questions?
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Please email a bio and photo after completion of survey (asap) to and

Please advise us if you have any conflicts with us recording the Master Class session for future educational purposes.  
6 weeks before your scheduled Master Class date it would be useful if you provided a brief video of your class (about a minute long) to help us promote.

Please see the link for an example from a previous Master Class: Video Example

Send the video to and
Once we receive your completed survey we will confirm your participation and provide more information. 
Thank you for your help in making the Realize Your Dream Master Class program a success.