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I did not register for or attend recent free/fee based online Mindful Kids Miami training because...
I am tired of being on Zoom/online platforms.
I have not been interested in the topics you have offered.
I was not able to fit it in my schdeule.
I do not have the technology for online programs
I prefer in-person trainings.
I can't find space at home to participate.
I am not able to afford the cost at this time.
I did attend.
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Required 2.
What topics would you like to see included in future Mindful Kids Miami programming?
Shorter mindfulness-based programs
Online retreats
Self-guided pre-recorded courses and workshops
Yoga or mindful movement
Support group for Covid-19; isolation, grief, and uncertainty
Creative-based programs
Mindfulness-based programs for teens
Mindfulness-based programs for young children
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