Climate Action Plan Stakeholder Interest Form
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The Cape Cod Commission launched the Cape Cod Climate Initiative in 2019. This initiative is a community-focused, information-based effort to inform a strategic framework and collaborative approach to address the region's contributions to and threats from climate change. Through this initiative, the Commission is developing new resources, such as a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory, to inform development of a climate action plan. The Commission is seeking stakeholders to participate in a region-wide effort to identify strategies and develop an action plan to address this critical regional challenge.

The Commission will be working with a third-party facilitation team to develop and implement the stakeholder process and ensure feedback is appropriately integrated into the plan. The facilitation team will work to ensure balanced representation of all interest groups in the process and, as such, an individual's expression of interest does not guarantee they will be selected to participate. However, all stakeholder group meetings will be open to the public with an opportunity for public comment.


The following will be expected for stakeholder participation:

Capacity to represent and articulate the diverse range of interests and concerns of the constituencies you would represent, seek input from constituents, and keep them informed about the discussions and proceedings of the meetings.

Commitment to attend all meetings and participate actively in discussions. Approximately 3 stakeholder meetings of up to 3 hours each will be held in the fall / early winter.

Willingness to engage in respectful and constructive dialogue with other participants, and seek creative solutions that respond to the interests of your own, as well as others', viewpoints.

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Stakeholder groups will be established on a variety of topics. Please select up to three (3) topics you are interested in contributing to. 

Land Use
Economic Development
Solid Waste
Public Health
Natural Resources
Coastal Resilience
Capital Facilities
Historic Resources