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Providing delicious coffee for your team is a perk that everyone will sincerely enjoy and appreciate. Not only will your team love it, but your partners, vendors or clients will notice and appreciate your attention to detail and quality in your office, showroom, or store as well.
Time not lost "going out for coffee" can add up to a nice bump in productivity for your company, but the bottom line is that teams are just happier when there's great coffee in the office!   
Lizzy's can also serve your remote teams! Whether working from home, or different locations around the country, make sure your crew is enjoying the perks of being part of the team. Everyone wins with Lizzy's on board.
Please answer the questions to follow to help us understand your business, and if Lizzy's has the potential to be a good fit for your needs.
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How will you be brewing your coffee? (Check all that apply.)

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i.e. "Need 10 lbs per week" or "need 10x12 oz bags shipped to remote employees every month"  


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Is there anything you would like us to know about your company? (i.e. What makes your brand or experience unique, or what need are you trying to meet with your coffee offering?)


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Proper brewing equipment is critical to successful coffee preparation. This includes espresso machines, drip brewers, grinders and more. What brewing equipment do you currently own for your office location? (n/a for individuals)

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We don't own anything at this time, and will need help choosing.
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