Business Community Airport Survey
Prior to March 2020, how frequently would you travel by air for business?
1-3 times a year
6-9 times a year
Once a month
More than once a month
Is anyone on your team currently travelling for business or scheduled to travel for business within the next four weeks?

If you or any other team member are travelling outside the Atlantic Bubble, or will be travelling within the next four weeks, which of the following statements best describes the mandatory 14-day self-isolation required upon returning home:

A mandatory precaution for the health of our Province
Burdensome requirement for business

Please rank each of the following as concerns for you or other members of your team traveling outside the Atlantic Bubble for business:

 Non-Significant    Significant 
Self-isolation period upon return
Covid risk to workforce
Risk in an airplane
Risk in travel destination
Risk in airport
If not already or within the next four weeks, when do you expect to be traveling for business within Canada:
Fall 2020
Winter 2021
Spring/Summer 2021
Fall 2021
Are there any measures that could be put in place that would increase your confidence in air travel?
Only a vaccine
Testing prior to departure
Rapid testing upon arrival
Extensive testing protocol implemented upon arrival, day 4, day 10 and day 14
If a vaccine is a year or more away, can your business adjust without air travel?
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Are you not flying currently or within the next four weeks outside of the Atlantic Bubble as a result of having no reason for travel, or safety concerns due to COVID-19?
No reason for travel
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Do you feel the province of New Brunswick should be relaxing mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirements for all domestic travellers?

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Please rate the concerns below from non-significant to significant with regards to flying and related engagements: 

 Non-Significant     Significant 
Using airport restrooms/toilet facilities
Being in a crowded area
Queuing at check-in/security/bor-
der control or boarding
Breathing the air on the plane
Sitting next to someone who might be infected
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Please rank numerically the following precautionary measures that would help you feel safer when flying with "1" being most important: 

(1 = Most)
Undergoing temperature checks
Sanitizing seating areas
COVID-19 screening at departure airports
Mandatory wearing of facemasks
Social distancing measures on aircraft
Checking-in online to minimize interactions at the airport
Increased cleaning and disinfecting equipment
Increased cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces at screening checkpoints
Security officers wearing masks and gloves, and practicing social distancing

Please provide any general feedback or comments below:


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