Golden Pinecone Sustainabiity Awards 2020 Nomination Form
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GREENevada seeks nominations for the Golden Pinecone Sustainability Awards 2020. We invite you to think about the local businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals deserving of recognition for making our community more environmentally healthy, safe, and sustainable.  
For the 2020 awards, GREENevada is partnering with the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce and greenUP! for a live or virtual event in the Fall. Awards categories reflect nine priorities identified by our community that provide the framework for the City of Reno's Sustainability & Climate Action Plan. The Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, GREENevada and greenUP! collaborated on development of this plan to help create a blueprint toward our low-carbon future. Awards will also be given for an educational program and youth leadership.  Learn more about the Climate Action Plan.
Use this form to nominate worthy businesses of all sizes, government agencies, non-profits, individuals, and educators. Use a separate form for each nomination. The same business or organization may be nominated for more than one category. Submission deadline is Friday, October 2 at 12 noon.
For previous awardees, visit  GREENevada.
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Select one category below (Items 1 through 9) for your nomination of a businesses, government agency, non-profit, educator or individual. Check Item #10 to nominate an educational program or Item #11 for a youth leader.  Use a separate form for each nomination. 

Green or Sustainable Operations
Clean Air / Clean Energy
Green Building / Energy Efficiency
Low-Carbon Neighborhoods / Mobility
Toward Zero Waste
Urban Forest Canopy
Food Security / Local Food Systems
Safeguard Water Resources / Ecosystem Preservation
Climate Resilience (formerly Sustainability Milestones)
Educational Program
Youth Leadership
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Please provide the name of business, organization or person being nominated. If individual, please identify the position held by that person. Provide the appropriate contact information for your nominee so that we might verify with them their desire to be awarded. 

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In the space provided, please explain why the above nominee should win a Golden Pinecone Sustainability Award 2020 in their respective category. 


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Use this space for comments or any additional information that you wish to provide regarding your nominee (such as company profile, bio, etc.).


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Please provide your contact information should we have questions regarding your nomination (include name, telephone number and email address in the box below). Nominations will not be accepted without nominator's contact information.  


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The Golden Pinecone Awards is a 30-year legacy event initiated by Environmental Leadership and more recently run by greenUP! and GREENevada. 

Submission Deadline: Friday, October 2, 2020 at 12:00 PM (PT). Someone from GREENevada will be in touch with you if more information is needed on your nomination.  

Thank you for taking the time to support sustainability in your community by nominating a peer for recognition.  Winners will be notified by October 8th.  Awards will be presented to winners at the Fall event cohosted by Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce, GREENevada, and greenUP! .