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We look forward to hosting the 2020 Home & Remodeling Show with you! Please take this quick survey and let us know what your safety plan is for your booth at the upcoming show in October. Our local community is depending on all of us to do our part to run a safe event. Thank you very much for your response, enjoy the rest of your day!

All the Best,
Michelle Brown
Event Manager
NARI Milwaukee

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NARI Milwaukee, State Fair Park and Valley Exhibitor Services have their safety plans available to you here.

What safety protocols will you be taking at the show? Check all that apply.

If you have a formal written plan, please indicate so in the "I'll send you an email" check box and email it to me at michelle@narimilwaukee.org. Otherwise, please check the boxes as they apply.

Following the NARI Milwaukee COVID Safety Plan linked above.
Frequent hand washing/sanitation.
If showing symptoms of COVID-19; staying home and having a backup to staff booth.
Wearing a mask (required unless health condition exists).
Sanitizing all touchable/interactive services.
No handshakes, hugs, high-fives or elbow bumps.
Social distancing as best as possible.
Plexiglass in booth.
Using Valley Expo Services additional cleaning service. (Info on this is available under exhibit on the event website in the toolkit)
I'll send you an email
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