Becoming an Azimuth Consultant
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In your "Ideal Week," how many hours are you able to commit to work on Azimuth projects?
40 hours
35-40 hours
30-35 hours
25-30 hours
20-25 hours
15-20 hours
10-15 hours
Less than 10 hours
My schedule is so crazy from week to week that I prefer to let you know on a weekly basis.
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How much do your charge for your consultant rate per hour?

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Which of the following types of projects are you interested in working on?

Grant Writing (drafting grant applications for clients)
Grant Research (identifying grant opportunities for clients)
Grant Administration/Manage-
Grant Coaching (training clients how to seek and apply for their own grants)
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Please identify areas where you believe you have significant subject-matter expertise or experience.  We will use your response to try to steer these types of projects your way:

Economic/Workforce Development / Job Creation
Broadband / Distance Learning / Remote Work
Justice / Law Enforcement
Emergency Management / First Responders
Defense / Military
Health Care
Public Infrastructure (eg. CDBG)
Community Revitalization / Quality of Life Enhancement
Foreign / International (eg. USAID)
Parks & Recreation
Small Business
Strengthening Minority Communities
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How would you rate your strength in each of the following skill sets?  Feel free to enter other skills sets you would like us to know about in the comments section.
 Very Strong Pretty Good Average Fairly Capable Not My Strong Suit 
Budget Formulation/Analysis - I'm great with numbers!
Narrative Writing - I'm creative and know how to tell a client's story!
Editing - I'm a grammar/punctuation hound, and I love making other people's work product even better!
Client Interfacing - I'm a people person, I love dealing with clients, and they like me!
Research - I don't miss opportunities. Nothing gets past me!
Technical Writing - I can break down complex concepts into a clear, concise explanation
Project Management - I enjoy organizing and driving project tasks and leading team members!
Graphic Design - I'm very creative and I enjoy presenting information aesthetically!
Administrative Support - I'm highly organized, detail oriented, and enjoy supporting the work of other team members!
Computer / IT - I'm naturally comfortable with learning, using, speaking technology.
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Please provide a link to your resume/CV. 


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