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Excellence in Member-centric Governance and Management is a 2 day virtual course led by Karen Miner and Sonja Novkovic. It will be offered 11:00am-4:30pm (ADT- 1 hour later than eastern time) each day. Please select the appropriate option below:
September 15-16, 2021
This date doesn't work for me but I would like to be informed about future course dates.
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The following is collected so that we have the information we need for all aspects of the course. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the course. Note that some fields below are standard system language that we could not edit ("company name" refers to your credit union or co-op organization, "job" title refers to job or role, etc.).

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All fees are in CANADIAN dollars. The fee for single registration is $300 + 15% HST.  The fee for a group of 5 registrations from the same organization is $1000 + 15% HST.  Please indicate if this is a SINGLE registration or 1 of a GROUP of 5 (naming the group and other members if possible or at least the person to contact for payment).


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Please provide a 2-4 sentence biography that will be shared with other participants AND include any contact information that you would like shared with other participants. 


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Please contact Jude Robertson, Operations Administrator with the International Centre for Co-operative Management with any questions at jude.robertson@smu.ca.