The Global Graphene Survey 2020
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This short survey consists of just 9 questions.   

Everyone that completes the survey will receive a complimentary report with the aggregated and summarized results.

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Terrance Barkan, Executive Director, The Graphene Council
Required 1.

Mark EACH category that applies to you and your organization. 

We produce graphene material
We purchase graphene material
We use graphene in one or more end-products
We develop applications and uses for graphene
We are an intermediary that modifies or supplies graphene (e.g. functionalize)
We conduct research on graphene materials
We are a regulatory agency or governmental body
We do not yet use graphene but want to learn more
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Required 2.
Please indicate the main uses or applications that you are working on.  
Mark EACH that applies. Note: The list continues on the following question. 

Additive Manufacture (3D Printing)
Bio-Medical Applications
Composites (Thermosets)
Composites (Thermoplastics)
Concrete and Cement
Conductive Inks
Corrosion Resistance
Electronic Components
EMI/RFI Shielding
Energy Generation
Energy Storage (Batteries / Super Capacitors)
Epoxies and Adhesives
Films and Coatings
Medical Applications
Nanoelectromechanical Systems NEMS
Required 3.
Cont'd - Please indicate the main uses or applications that you are working on.   
Please add any major uses not listed.  

Piezoelectric Effect
Plasmonics and Metamaterials
Plastics & Polymers
Pressure Sensors
Quantum Computing
Rubber and Synthetics
Sensors (Please add details in the "Comments")
Sound Transducers
Structural Materials
Textiles and Fibers
Thermal Management
Touch Screens
Transparent Conducting Electrodes
Water Filtration
Waterproof Coating
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Required 4.
Please rate the material performance characteristics you trying to improve with graphene?  
 Essential Important Interesting Not Needed  
Tensile Strength  
Flex Modulus  
Impact Resistance / Compressive Strength (Toughness)  
Thermal Conductivity  
Barrier Properties  
Corrosion Resistance  
UV Protection  
Electrical Conductivity  
Electrical Charge Storage  
Flame Retardation  
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Required 5.
Which forms of graphene are of the most importance / interest to you?  
Mark EACH that applies. 
If you do not know which form applies, just answer "Not Sure" in the comments. 

Single layer graphene (on substrate)
Single layer graphene (other than on substrate)
Very Few Layer Graphene (VFL) 1-3 carbon layers
Few Layer Graphene (FL) 2-5 carbon layers
Multi-layer Graphene (MLG) 5-10 carbon layers
Graphene Nanoplatelets (11 or more carbon layers)
Functionalized Graphene
Graphene Quantum Dots
Graphene Oxide - GO
Reduced Graphene Oxide - rGO
Graphene in a Suspension/Solvent
Graphene in Powder Form
Graphene in a Paste
Graphene in a Master Batch formulation
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Required 6.
Please rate the level of importance to you for each of the following properties for graphene material. If you do not know, just mark "Not Sure" in the comments. 
 Essential Important Interesting Not Needed  
Number of Layers  
Aspect Ratio  
Flake Size (lateral dimensions)  
Domain (Grain) Size  
Surface Area  
Crystal Defect  
Purity - Non-Graphene Contents and Residue  
Oxygen Content  
Metal Content  
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Required 7.
STANDARDS and PRACTICES- Several international and national standards bodies are working on the development of graphene related standards such as nomenclature, metrology and other aspects. Please rank the level of importance of different standards and practices for you and your organization. 
 Essential Interesting Not Needed   
Nomenclature and Definitions   
Measurement / Characterization Methods of graphene materials   
Defining "grades" or types of commercial graphene materials   
Heath and Safety declarations for graphene materials   
Quality standards in the production process (batch to batch)   
Standards for technical data sheets (minimum sets of data)   
Establishing reference price data for commercial graphene sales   
Other - please explain   
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Required 8.

In your opinion, what is the single greatest barrier or obstacle to greater use and adoption of graphene materials?


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Required 9.
What can The Graphene Council do to help you to better understand, develop or deploy graphene related materials and applications? 

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Required 10.
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