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Anne Aarnes

Anne Aarnes spent her USAID career overseas and in Washington, serving in both the Foreign Service and the Civil Service.  
Anne joined USAID in 1970, soon after finishing college.  As a Civil Service employee, she managed worldwide population/family planning programs, served as an assistant desk officer for Bangladesh, and worked as a program analyst in the Bureau for Policy and Program Coordination and in the Asia Bureau.
In 1988, Anne joined USAID's Foreign Service and was posted to Pakistan as deputy chief and then chief of the mission's health, population and nutrition office.  She was assigned next to Ukraine as director of the mission's program office.  She served as Deputy USAID Mission Director in Egypt and Bangladesh, and as USAID Mission Director in Pakistan, Jordan, and Central Asia.  Returning to Washington, Anne served as Senior USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Middle East Bureau, the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, and the Asia Bureau.  She also served on the faculty of the National War College. 

In 2015, Anne retired from USAID with the rank of Career Minister.  In retirement, she enjoys volunteer work, mentoring, reading, and travel.  She has served on the Board of Directors of the USAID Alumni Association for two years.
Anne was born in Summit, New Jersey.  She holds a BA in political science from Oberlin College and an MA in political science from George Washington University.  She is married to David Sprague, who is also a retired USAID Senior Foreign Service officer.  They have two children.       
Terrence Brown

Terrence Brown joined the USAID Foreign Service in 1971, serving in a number of positions in Washington and overseas until he retired in 2000 as a Career Minister. Highlights of his career include serving in five overseas posts (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Barbados, and Guatemala). He was Mission Director in Guatemala, DAA/Asia Near East Bureau, Assistant to the Administrator/PPC and Assistant Administrator/Management Bureau.

After he retired he joined the World Wildlife Fund working in their Latin America Secretariat for five years and then the Pan American Development Foundation. In 2012 he returned to USAID as an institutional contractor working in Bureau for Policy Program and Learning until June, 2019. He contributed to revising the Agency's program cycle policy, particularly in project design and in expanding Agency direct agreements with partner governments.

Terrence was elected to the UAA Board in 2018.


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