Promo Pathway Application 2020-2021
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Are you enrolled in college?

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If no, What are your educational goals?


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Highest Level of Education completed

High School Diploma
Masters Degree
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Have you declared your major or minor?


If yes, Please list your major and minor


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Have you participated in any education and/or certificate programs administered by a non-profit organization, private company or university extension program?

If yes, please provide the Organization, Program and Year of participation


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Do you have access to computer in the case that COVID-19 continues to force courses online? 

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Required 11.

Please describe your experience, what you have learned, and how Promo Pathway fits your educational and career plans? 


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Required 12.

On a scale from 1-5, how do you rate your technical proficiency in the following software? (Note: technical experience not required for program selection)

 Not at all proficient Somewhat proficient Proficient highly proficient expert 
Avid Media Composer
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Adobe Permier Pro

Please provide a link (YouTube, Vimeo, Blogspot, and/or Articles only) to your creative reel or portfolio that demonstrates your skills in editing, design, writing and/or effect (Optional) 


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Required 14.

What are your sources of inspiration? Who are your favorite writers? Filmmakers? Show runners? What do you enjoy most about storytelling?


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Required 15.

What books, magazines, websites and/or social media feeds are you reading or following now?


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Required 16.

Briefly describe your work history, past responsibilities and accomplishments. 


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Required 17.

Tell us your story in a brief paragraph. Where are you now in this point of your life?


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Required 18.

What do you love about the television industry?


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Required 19.

What is your favorite television network? What shows do you love to watch and why? 


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Required 20.

What motivated you to apply to Promo Pathway? Why at this time in your education and/or professional career?


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Required 21.
Describe a peak experience in your life, career and/or education. what did you learn about yourself in that experience?  

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Required 22.

Describe a challenging moment in your life. What steps did you take to overcome or navigate that challenge? What did you learn about yourself? 


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Required 23.

What are your short and long-term career goals? What steps have you taken to reach your goals? What obstacles have you overcome? How may Promo Pathway help you achieve your goals?


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