Fringe Theater Key West 10/2020

What months are you planning to be in Key West during our 2020-21 season? (Choose as many as apply.)

November 2020
December 2020
January 2021
February 2021
March 2021
April 2021
May 2021
June 2021
I won't be in Key West during the 2020-21 season.
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What environmental factors need to be in place for you to attend a Fringe performance? (Choose as many as apply.)

Require masks, social distance, sanitize
Reduce seating capacity
Plexiglass (or similar barriers) strategically placed
Outdoor performances only
Won't be attending a performance until COVID is gone.
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Would you pay to watch a livestream performance of a show created for our 2020-21 season? 

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What online workshop would be of interest to you?


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