2021 Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association Scholarship Program Application
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The Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association (GNJMA) Scholarships will be awarded to full-time employees, or the dependent children of full-time employees of GNJMA Operator Member companies. Also eligible are the employees of GNJMA Allied Members companies, or the dependent children of the Allied Member companies. The award will go to whom best meet the requirements set forth by the Scholarship Committee. Scholarship awards are limited to cover tuition and fees. Two annual scholarships will be awarded; one for GNJMA Operator Members and one for GNJMA Allied Members.

The Scholarship Committee will be authorized to review the applications blindly, i.e. without names, and make the selections. The Scholarship Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors and will serve at the discretion of the Board. Our Executive Director, Pattie Cowley, will be the point-of-contact.
Criteria for Eligibility:
Those eligible to apply must:
  • Have been employed for at least one year by January 1 in the year in which the scholarships are awarded.
  • Already be registered to a full-time college, professional school or trade school in the previous fall or at the time of application.
  • Hold a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or if a professional school, the equivalent of a B grade.
  • The winners, or the parents of the winners, must still be employed at the member's company at the time the winners are selected.
(NOTE: Dependent applicants that will be first year students may apply. Enrollment will need to be validated before the award is given in October and final high school GPA will be requested.)

Application & Selection Timeframe:
  • The Scholarship Committee will accept applications between January 1 and March 1.
  • The applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee before the Annual Association Member Meeting.
  • The winners will be invited to the Annual Association Member Meeting in the fall. While they may not be able to be present, a representative from the member company must be present to receive the scholarship.
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Choose which type of GNJMA Company you are applying from:
Operator companies that own or operate motorcoaches (employee or dependent child)
Allied companies that do not own or operate motorcoaches (employee or dependent child)
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