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This was a challenging running year!  We faced our first virtual races, limited fields, and additional safety procedures. Thank you for choosing to run the Towpath Marathon with us. As we look ahead to 2021, we'd like to know what is most important to you. Please help us plan for the next running race season by answering the questions below. 
All of our races are part of the Towpath Trilogy, established as a way to introduce the Towpath Trail as a new recreational amenity within the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area. Today, we welcome millions of runners, walkers, and cyclists along the 101-mile trail. 

Tell us how we did this year and what you'd like to see from us in the future. The survey will take less than five minutes to complete.

Which distance did you run in October?
Half Marathon
How did you learn of the Towpath Marathon?
In the media (newspaper, magazine)
Direct e-mail from Canalway Partners
Through a friend
On Facebook
I've run it previously
From Hermes Road Racing Calendar
From RunSignup calendar
Why did you run in the Towpath Marathon, Half, or 10k? Select all that apply.
It was near me
It was a live race (YAY!)
I wanted to support Canalway Partners
It was part of the Towpath Trilogy
A friend said "C'mon, run it with me!"
If you ran any virtual races this year, would you be interested in that option again next year?
I ran virtual races and I would run one again
I would only run virtual if there is a fun, interactive challenge.
I ran virtual races and I'm not interested in running virtual next year
I'm not a fan of virtual races - I did not run any
Are you familiar with the Towpath Trilogy Race Series? (Towpath Half (spring), Ten-Ten (summer), Towpath Marathon (fall)).
I've completed the Towpath Trilogy in previous years
I've heard of it but haven't completed the Towpath Trilogy
I've never heard of the Towpath Trilogy - tell me more.
I'm not interested in the Towpath Trilogy
Which of these perks would encourage you to participate in all three Towpath Trilogy Races? Select all that apply.
Discount on all three Towpath Trilogy races
Able to register for races before general public (i.e. in the event of limited field size)
Earn custom Trilogy sweatshirt
Next level recognition (i.e. overall finisher/age group awards based on series point total)
How likely are you to run the Towpath Marathon or a Towpath Trilogy race again?
I plan to register for all three Towpath Trilogy races in 2021
I plan to register for a Towpath Trilogy race in 2021
I plan to run a Towpath Trilogy race next year but will choose a different race/course.
I won't be running in a Towpath Trilogy race next year. Please tell us why in the "comment" box
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What did you think of this year's Towpath Marathon, Half or 10k courses?
I really enjoyed the course
I enjoyed the course, it's encouraging to see all the runners
I enjoyed the course but it got repetitive
The course was too repetitive
How likely are you to recommend the Towpath Marathon to a friend or colleague? 
Care to share more in the comment box?
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When you choose a race, what is important to you?
 Very Unimportant Somewhat Unimportant Neutral Somewhat Important Very Important 
A good value (price, early bird registration)
A fun course
On course entertainment
Ease of parking
Age group awards
After-race party
Helping a cause
Awesome swag (t-shirt, finishers medal)
Able to register before the general public
Running with my friends or my running group
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What do you want from your running races? Select all that apply.
I'm a competitive runner. I don't care about bells and whistles
I'm competitive, but I want my running races to be fun and interesting
I enter races because I want to have fun and I enjoy being with other runners
I find a race I like and enjoy running it year after year
Once I've run a course I look for something different

If there was one thing that would make you come back to run with us next year, what would that be?


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What suggestions do you have for improving your race experience?

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Are you familiar with the work of Canalway Partners on development/construction of the Towpath Trail and Canal Basin Park or their events like Riversweep or Cycle Canalway?
Yes, I've supported Canalway Partners
Yes, I've done other events but didn't realize Canalway Partners organized them
Sounds familiar but I don't know much about them
I wasn't aware of their work, glad to know my race entry was doing good
I'm not interested in their work, I just want a good running event
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