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We are asking local businesses to decorate their vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc. to make the parade bright and exciting for the kids in our community.
Let's end 2020 on a festive note!
Please READ parade float rules below: 

* No walkers in parade - all participants must be on float or in vehicle
* NO CANDY allowed to be thrown from the floats
* No Santa costumes on any floats - we can only have THE REAL Santa at the end of Parade!
* All floats should be decorated in a Christmas/Holiday theme.
* All floats should have lights as part of the decoration, as the parade is after dark.
   Converters are available for purchase at local merchants around town.
* To participate, you must be at Foxcroft Academy no later than 4:30pm on Dec. 5th
* Applications must be submitted by November 27th.
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I have read & UNDERSTAND the parade float rules and will adhere to them.

YES :)
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Contact name: who is in charge of the parade float for your organization?


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Please choose which option(s) best describes your float/unit setup:
Company truck / vehicle with lights
Truck pulling trailer with Christmas decorations and lights
Other (describe below)
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Thank you for your participation! We will be in touch.